Understanding the Roles of Agents and Lawyers in the Sale of Your Home

It is time to buy a house or sell your home and you want the very best team on your side to make the process go smoothly.  Does it make more sense to hire a real estate agent or an estate lawyer, or perhaps the answer is, both!  Let’s take a closer look at the roles both agents and lawyers play in the real estate process.  Each position brings a particular set of skills and expertise to the table.  When they work together as a team, the client gets the best of both worlds!

What does a Real Estate Agent do?

 The real estate agent meets and interviews a client to determine his or her needs.  They are able to search for listings available that best fit what the client is looking for.  They plan property viewings, as well as answer questions along the way.  They are very familiar with the current housing market in any geographical area.  This puts them in a position to advise their clients on a fair price for a house.  The agent helps the client with the abundant amount of paperwork.  Additionally, he or she will help with hiring inspectors, negotiating with different stakeholders, and drafting contracts.

The real estate agent has many great connections and can help connect a client with the appropriate person throughout the process.  The real estate agent provides comprehensive support at every stage of the home buying / selling process.  They offer a sympathetic ear, sound advice, and emotional support.   They help the client make an informed decision.

What does a Real Estate Attorney do?

The real estate attorney helps a client navigate the legal landscape when buying a property.  Real estate laws vary from state to state.  An attorney will make sure that the laws are followed.  Many states only allow real estate attorneys to prepare the home purchase documents, conduct a title search, and close the deal.  They are also able to review documents and address any surprise issues.  Lawyers can protect clients for unforeseen liabilities attached to the property.  They also help clients read and understand real estate contracts that can be difficult for the average person to understand.

What happens when the agents and lawyers work together as a team?

When agents and attorneys work together, they make an amazing real estate team.  The realtor initiates the process by negotiating price and terms of the sale.  The lawyer then takes over and negotiates the specific terms of the contract.  They review the title and other important documents.  Lawyers make sure nothing will go wrong after the deal.  They work to protect the client from any unforeseen risks that could arise in the future.  Realtors focus on the clients throughout the deal, making sure that they don’t lose the deal.

Agents know about the specific neighborhoods, can prepare a comparative market analysis, and draw up a real estate contract.  However, they are not licensed to provide legal advice.  This means that they cannot answer a legal question, even if they know the answer, without breaking the law.

Real estate agents and attorneys can work together in a healthy business relationship by

  • Placing the client’s interests and needs above all others.
  • Communicating well with each other and keeping each other informed through every step of the process.
  • Having a clear understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities.

Real Estate agents and lawyers are constantly discussing the transaction and getting information from each other needed for the transaction.  They are continually discussing and proposing solutions as both parties want to ensure that the file closes on time and all issues are resolved.  Both agents and lawyers play an important role in the home buying process.

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Jessica Boyle Tsottles is an experienced Realtor in Harford County, and Robert Kahoe is an experienced attorney focusing on real estate, estates and trusts. Together, the two are blending their vast knowledge bases together in a brokerage that is able to handle any real estate transaction. Both with local roots to Harford County for over 100 years, they are the area’s best experts!  Check out their website at https://www.boyleandkahoe.com/ for more information.